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by nycgadgetgirl on April 4, 2007 · 3 comments

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So, I’m supposed to be on vacation this week. All I’ve done is work. It’s good though. It’s (1) getting a bunch of past due hanging-over-my-head freelance stuff done and (2) doggie rescue stuff. What have I been up to since my last post? Well, let’s see.

Mon, April 2: Snick and I slept late and then went for a walk and a trip to the pet store. Met Foster Mom Terra and the male Shiba she had just picked up from shelter*. Took care of some meetup stuff regarding our upcoming training workshop. Registered nycshibarescue.org and asked my host (aliencreed.com – they rock) to set up an account for it. Went into the office late – a cable was loose in the network closet.
Tues, April 3: Started the day early with a nice long walk with Snick and his friend Puccini (and my friend Liz). One of the guys from work called me because he couldn’t print. (????) Told him to reboot. Treated myself to a couple hours off to have my highlights (love em!) touched up and bought myself lunch afterwards. Spoke to the vet about Hero**. Spoke to the foster mom about Hero. Launched new client site at 2:30am: dealbags.com.
Weds, April 4:
(so far) 
Slept late! Rain, rain, go away! Snickers is bored and hibernating. Spoke to Terra after she picked up Hero from the vet. Called the shelter he came from to see if they’ll send me his x-rays. Did a LOT of work on, and just launched, colieandlj.com. Cleaned fridge. Got groceries (but I get FreshDirect, so that barely counts). Wrote this post. I wish it would stop raining so Snick and I could go out. I think I’ll do some apartment cleaning now!

*Foster Mom Terra had already named him Hero when I got there. Poor Hero can walk but it’s pretty wobbly and he falls down sometimes. He has a terrible looking skin condition, which the shelter didn’t tell us anything about before we picked him up. The vet we originally went to wanted a fortune, so I called my vet and they squeezed us in at closing time. They examined him and gave him pain meds and an anti-inflamatory and kept him overnight. They ran blood work to rule out thyroid problems or testicular tumors that could be causing the skin condition.

My vet doesn’t think he has any fresh fractures but he has a good bit of muscle deterioration and arthritis. Mostly likely scenario is that this guy never recuperated from a previous accident (notes from the shelter say he has a plate in his hip from before they got him) and then was injured again recently. His general health checks out pretty well though except for the back legs and the skin. The vet thinks with some exercise and physical therapy he could build his muscle tone up to compensate. He’s only about 5 years old, so he’s got some good years left in him if we can get him healthy and neutered and adopted out. He’s definitely adoptable. He was an angel for us. He never complained when we picked him up. He walked as much as he could and we carried him when he got tired. When we were waiting at the vets he laid down and put his head on my leg. He was just so sweet. He’s got the Shiba pride and stubborn streak though. It showed through even though he was tired and in pain.

**The vet decided to keep Hero a second night. He’s resting comfortably. He has Lyme disease and a low thyroid. Nothing serious though. Vet changed his antibiotic to cover the Lyme disease. He got a bath and will get treated with Revolution in the morning. Vet thinks with good nutrition and exercise he’ll be ready to be neutered in a couple weeks and we’ll redo the blood work then too.

***Terra said he’s walking way better already and she has him settled in at her apartment. Her female Shiba wants to PLAAAAY with him, but she’ll have to wait.


1 Lachlan April 4, 2007 at 9:02 pm

I tip my hat to Hero, your vet, Terra, and of course, YOU. 🙂

Here’s his continued path towards wellness.

2 Janet April 4, 2007 at 9:31 pm

Oh, poor Hero! What a rough life he’s had…hopefully now it’ll be better. I agree with your first commenter :=)

Oh, and those cards are gorgeous on colieandlj.com – do they do their own photography?

3 nycgadgetgirl April 4, 2007 at 10:04 pm

Watch for Hero and Suzie (the female rescue from earlier in the week) to soon have their own pages on a new website for NYC Shiba Rescue.

Re: colieandlj.com, yes, they do their own photography. "colie" is Nicole Braun, a photographer, and "lj" is her sister Lauren, a chef (and food stylist). Pretty cool combo. They were actually the creative team behind the Time Out photo for the Canine Cocktail Pawty also!

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