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by nycgadgetgirl on August 15, 2008 · 3 comments

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My last few days in NYC were busy and stressful and difficult, but also amazing and illuminating. I spent several days feeling loved, appreciated and valued.

  • Wednesday, the 23rd, my boss took me and some coworkers out to dinner.. FOR ME. 🙂 Since I expect Japanese food to be something I will desperately miss, we went to one of the top sushi spots in town: BONDST (Bond Street). Sooooooo delicious! It was a unique happening and made me feel super appreciated.
  • Thursday, the 24th, was my last day at work and, of course, I worked till 2am trying to finish everything. Wonderful things happened that day too though.
    • My boss gave me a "half year bonus!" Who gives you a bonus when you’re leaving? (I almost cried.)
    • I got lots of hugs and special words from coworkers one by one as they left for the day.
  • Friday, the 25th, was mine and Snick’s last visit to the Gillen Brewer School. (I’ve been stuck at this part of the entry for over a week.) These kids are just amazing. When we started visiting them a few months back, several of them were really afraid of dogs, but when we saw them on the 25th, they were hugging and kissing Snickers goodbye. They made a wonderful card for us (mostly for Snickers. LOL) to say goodbye. This was also when Snickers realized something big was happening, because he could feel the energy from the kids. I am going to miss our school visits very, VERY much.
  • The rest of Friday I packed. Or at least I tried to.
  • Saturday, the 26th… mine and Snick’s last time to enjoy our regular weekend routine. We dropped off laundry, picked up coffee, went to the dog run and hung out on our bench. We went to the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market to hang with our friend Judy for a bit and then off to the neighborhood pet store for TREATS. This routine has been a shared favorite part of the week for a long time.
  • Saturday afternoon was our last meetup with the NYC Shiba Inus and their Human Companions. For anyone who may not know, Snick and I founded this meetup group in June 2006 and it’s grown to 240+ members and had 50 meetups. NYCSR was founded by a group of Shiba-owned humans who met in the meetup group and the group continues to support NYCSR in many ways. Some of my BEST BESTEST friends are people I met through this group and I owe a lot of happy times to them, the group, and NYCSR. About 40 people and 25 Shibas showed up for our last meetup at Animal Haven and Snickers had SO MUCH FUN. What I was NOT expecting though was for most of the Board of Directors and key volunteers of NYCSR to be there and have gifts for us. They gave me one of those digital photo frames and they had preloaded it with a slide show of ALL the NYCSR rescue dogs so far. It was incredible. They brought a treasure chest of treats and toys for Snick also and he loved all of it. All of it really touched me and showed me that Snick’s impact on people’s (and Shibas’) lives extends way beyond just me.
  • For the rest of Saturday, I packed. And packed. And PACKED.
  • Sunday, the 27th. Moving Day. After about 3 hours sleep, Snick and I dashed to the dog run and back and then I was off to pick up the U-Haul. My bestest buddy Zennia and her fiance, Scott, met me at the U-Haul place in Chelsea so Scott could help park the truck back at my apartment. Long story short… we got back to the apartment around 9:45 AM and my other peeps started showing up around 10am to help. Besides Z and Scott (and 2 paid helper guys), I had my good buddy Brian, my wonderful friend Mary, another wonderful friend lulu and her main man Joseph, my good neighborhood friend Drew (the human “dad” of Snick’s buddies Benno and Lily), and last but but never least, my best friend – who I’m "maybe just a little bit in love with"Jack. Having so many friends come over to help me finish packing and move (out of a FIFTH floor WALKUP) really meant a lot to me. I love all you guys. THANK YOU so much for being there.

So, those were my last few days in NYC. They were filled with friends and love and good things and I’m very grateful for that.

PS I know I haven’t been blogging much since I moved. My life/world is just sooo different now and I miss my friends desperately. I will probably set up a new blog for inspiration. When the words return, I’ll blog. I promise.


1 Loretta (Shiba-L) August 15, 2008 at 11:12 am

Hey Jenna;
I know how you are feeling about your move. You are feeling the effects of losing your “identity”.
I made a move after retiring, from Minnesota to Florida. I did it because my husband wanted to.
I was Pres. of the State Dog Organization owned and operated a Boarding kennel and was the main info person for dozens of people when they wanted dog related info or just wanted re-assurance.
We did rescue, dog shows, doggy picnics at our farm and were soooo involved in “dogs.”
At first I was so lonesome for my good friends and my customers.
It took a long time for me to adjust at all. (feeling sorry for myself)
My husband was oblivious because he was happy as a clam.
Well, 5 years later and another move I have adjusted because of necessity.
We have 4 shibas a Doberman a Whippet and an Italian Greyhound. They are my blessings.
We are even living “in town”. I always have lived rural with acreage for the dogs to run.
Being 70 years of age and not ever liking change I am liking the new place and some new friends.
You will adjust. You are young have a lovely daughter and 2 great shibas to see you through.
I just thought I would tell you that you will be happier, in time.
Loretta C. Pt. Charlotte/Fl.

2 Rae August 15, 2008 at 11:38 am

Nice post! When you’ve lived in a place for a long time, and made great friends and have gone to great depths to really fit into a place, it is a lot like a break-up with a lover when you leave. I think depression is going to be a normal “sweater” to wear around for a while. Loretta wrote a beautiful post, and I agree, it does get better. You are so active and energised, and I know with the few groups and ideas you have already started focusing on, you’ll get into a new groove, which will lead to more and more things. Some stuff might not work out, but there’ll be other things. Good thing is you’ve got your core family there to do it all together! And ALL of your friends who are ALL here for you- even if it’s a computer or phone call away versus a walk or train hop. Thankfully it is a technology age. Imagine if it was even twenty years ago!! 🙂
Love Rae

3 Maura August 17, 2008 at 10:56 pm

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.. fabulous days!

if there’s anything japanese you want/need recipe for, send me an email.
i also have some online sources for things hard to find.

the only thing i can’t help with is a reliable source of sushi quality fish… which is also my dilemna… =)

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