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Brooklyn Botanic Garden

by nycgadgetgirl on November 24, 2006 · 2 comments

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Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Miss ~T~ and I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for the first time last month. A friend that lives in Brooklyn invited us out to visit the Garden and have dinner w/her in Park Slope. We almost never venture into the boros unless we’re headed to the airport, but we make exceptions for friends. […]

The Chrysler Building at Dusk

by nycgadgetgirl on September 30, 2005 · 2 comments

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Photo Friday Challenge: Darkness Taken in NYC, August 2004 (and not at all retouched or colored, as I would have no idea how to do something like that)

OK… that was scary…

by nycgadgetgirl on September 21, 2004

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Every time I think I’ve gotten over feeling like we’re under attack when I hear a loud noise, something happens to change all that. Again. Tonight, my daughter and I had just walked into our apartment when we heard an explosion. I ran to the window and saw people standing in the street staring down […]

The West Side at Sunset

by nycgadgetgirl on September 19, 2004

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Otherwise titled “The One that Got Away” As my daughter and I were leaving home to walk the dog this evening, she (my daughter, not the dog) grabbed the camera. Even with the camera along though, taking pictures was the last thing on my mind. After we’d been out for about a half hour, I […]