Randomness – Gravatars and Mind Mapping

by nycgadgetgirl on April 10, 2008 · 7 comments

in productivity

(1) If you don’t have a Gravatar account yet… GEEEEZ! Go get one already. (2) I keep my [massive and complex] to do lists in a mindmap at (which ROCKS, btw) but I’m not always at my computer to add things to it. I often remember to do items while I am out walking […]

I Am So In Love With Google

by nycgadgetgirl on October 12, 2006 · 3 comments

in productivity

I’ve been using Google Spreadsheets for a long while and I’ve been using Writely for a short while and now they’ve finally combined them into Google Doc and I LOOOOOVVVVVE them for it (among other things). It really is happening you know… computing is all moving online. I’m almost to the point where I have […]

OK, All About the New Toy

by nycgadgetgirl on December 15, 2005 · 6 comments

in gadgets,productivity

I know, I know. I teased you by telling you I got a new toy and then I never posted about it! Sorry. I’ve been a WEE BIT BUSY this month (as in so busy I think my head may explode)!!! If I survive through mid-January, I’m going to need a vacation. So. Anyway. I […]

Something Called Sleep

by nycgadgetgirl on August 24, 2005

in productivity

Yesterday, I had five (5) cups of coffee and two Diet Cokes. I am on my third coffee today. But something isn’t right. I feel like there is a fog machine running in my head. Is my coffee broken? Someone told me recently about this thing called sleep. It supposed to be like a reboot […]

Balancing My Life

by nycgadgetgirl on July 21, 2005

in productivity

OK, no one likes to admit when they are wrong. Knowing how difficult it is, I try to be aware of when I need to do it and just DO IT and move on. So… ahem… with no further ado… I was wrong about Life Balance. It seems to be working pretty darn well. I’ve […]

How Its Going (Life Balance that is)

by nycgadgetgirl on July 16, 2005

in productivity

Now I am remembering the things I didn’t like when I tried Life Balance a few months ago. I’m going to try and see it through though and put my whole task list in before I give up. It doesn’t actually have categories. I think I can get around that by making several overall tasks […]

Life Management continued…

by nycgadgetgirl on July 15, 2005

in productivity

OK, I’m getting pretty frustrated at this point. My favorite software in this whole process so far has really been VIP Organizer. If only it could handle dependencies. Seriously… do I really need to be reminded that Snick’s heartworm pill is past due if I haven’t refilled the Rx yet? NO! I only need to […]

Life Management

by nycgadgetgirl on July 14, 2005

in productivity

I finally decided today that I have to get a handle on my task list or just go hide under a rock somewhere. Since hiding under a rock doesn’t pay well enough to cover T’s tuition (or Snickers’ rawhide addiction), I decided to go with the former. This evening I took time off from scrambling […]